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A good start always helps.
Therefore our choice of starters has been thought out to seduce you from the very beginning.
A whole promise and, without a doubt, the best prelude to what will come next.

Seafood soup
Shellfish stock
Mixed salad with northern albacore tuna
Green salad with cheese and walnuts
Octopus and prawn salad
Cold cut platter
Cured meat with Manchego cheese
Ham croquettes
Fried calamari

Manchego cheese
“La Peral” Cheese
Cabrales Cheese D.O.
Cheese board with walnuts and sweet chutney
Rock fished fishcake
Baby squid NEW!
Fried “Bocartes”
Fried sprats with ham
Galician-style octopus
Octopus in vinaigrette sauce